Worldhouse Kitchen

This team takes care of the cooking in the Wereldhuis. On Weekdays all the people at the Wereldhuis can eat for free. Sometimes it is their only hot meal during the week. That is why the healthy cooking is absolutely necessary in the Wereldhuis, for all the undocumented people in Amsterdam. Do you want to support our cause: Refugee cooking for Refugee? Or do you want to support our cooking? Please come by and meet us.

And it’s truly a World Kitchen! By combining different flavours from all over the world the cooking team is constantly creating new recipies for the people of the Wereldhuis. The cooking is a social event and it empowers people. Anyone that has an interest in cooking can join the team. Feel free to contact the cooks!

Worldhouse Kitchen also cooks for charity organizations and we know how to create great menus for big parties.

So come along, meet us and see what’s cooking!