Worldhouse Movie Night 28th March: ‘Pursuit of Happiness’

As the tradition follows, the Worldhouse continues to host its movie night every last saturday of the month!
Sahr John has been organising this for one year and to celebrate this event we have a happy movie this time…. because everybody is in pursuit of happiness..
Come and see this inspiring movie, discuss about it with young migrants and refugees from all over the world.

This month the Worldhouse will be viewing the Pursuit of Happiness, a movie which tells the story of the adventures and struggles faced by Chris Gardner, a homeless salesman, and his son.If you would like to get more of a foretaste and insight on the movie, watch the trailer here:
IMBD review:

The Worldhouse will first host a dinner at 6 pm, before screening the movie at 7 pm.
A discussion will then be led from 9 to 10 pm.

We look forward to seeing you all there!
Het Wereldhuis

If you want to print out the flyer or distribute it to your friends click on this link: March Movie Night [pdf]

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Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants