Women’s Day training: Nutrition and Healthy food

On Thursday 18th June at 17:00, Dokters Van de Wereld will present a training about Nutrition and Healthy food.

There are a lot of people that have a different opinion about what healthy food means and tomorrow at the Worldhouse volunteers of Dokters Van de Wereld will explain in detail the real meaning of Nutrition and Healthy Food.foto 1

Explanations as different kinds of food groups, discussions about dishes concentrated on nutrients and most beneficial ways to build a diet will be exposed at 17:30 at the Worldhouse Women’s Day.

Join the training, take a positive approach to food and learn new things for your daily life.

Get new inputs about food flexibility and balance and we will make sure you will get health benefits from the foods in the future! foto 2

We look forward to see you!

Het Wereldhuis.

About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants