Wereldhuis Fusion Band


The Fusion Band is a group of musicians who come together every weekend to practice and play music. Within the band there are regular musicians but also beginners. We are a family band. The benefits we get are all destined to contribute growing up with our music, our team and new instruments.

The band was created since March 2010 by Gabriel Kamara (Senegal) with Smiles Makam Mandela (Swaziland) and Edward Nicholas Jr (Trinidad).
The band uses different types of percussions that fuse with some European instruments such as saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, sound mix, etc. With these instruments we create our own repertoire for performances.

Our aim is to create a steady but also flexible band

Indeed, because of certain social problems sometimes people cannot join and therefore we need to make other musicians adapt to this situation. We do not look at people’s skills; rather our main aim is to bring people together and share music by organizing Jam sessions.

In these meetings we want to share ideology, culture and values. We are working to build a story with a musical background on it. We are open to musicians who would like to participate with us and expose their feelings and express themselves with all kind of music and songs, for example related to African history and other cultures.

Our band is flexible because we prepare all the work together in an open mind. For example, if one person comes with a song, we will find out together how to play and adapt to it.

This year we would like to organize bigger Jam sessions with a lot of different lyrics linked to Human Rights and invite some other artists or bands.

What are the benefits
Firstly the participants improve their musical skills. Developing new skills always help people become more independent. Being able to practice and perform in a band makes people happy because it gives them something to do that they like; and music is known to be a good healing therapy.

Our Future
We want to continue developing our self-organized group. To do so we would like to have new instruments and we will save money, with some paid gigs, to acquire them. On a more long-term perspective, by the end of 2015, we would like to record our music and create a CD of songs related to migration. It could also be nice to compose new songs for the Worldhouse.

To develop this project, if good financial support is available, we would like to print flyers, business cards, t-shirts and change certain aims in the band to better promote all of our hard work.

It would also be nice to install a monthly percussion workshop to bring people together and invite artists with good musical background and skills. Besides, we want to continue collaborating on some events to find more finance destined to get  new instruments and repair some percussions.

We would like as well to increase the size of our jam sessions by inviting other musicians from outside to come here and participate with us on different kinds of events.

We need more commitment to this band, in order to grow by ensuring that people are continuously involving themselves with the group. We would also like to find good paid gigs so that we can raise some finance to support us. For instance, we would be interested in playing music for a theater background as well.

The Wereldhuis
The Worldhouse made the creation of the band possible and allowed me to make the project alive. It provides us a place to play every Friday and Sunday and enables us to make progress for performances

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