WE ARE HERE 24/7: Demonstration Saturday 7 February

WE ARE HERE 24/7: show your support of basic human rights!

Every human being has the right to build a future. However, rejected refugees can’t claim this right. We Are Here will not accept this and is fighting for adequate 24-hour shelter for rejected refugees. So that these people also get a chance to build a future.

Since September 2012, the action group We Are Here is protesting against the Dutch asylum policy that forces refugees who are rejected, but can’t return to their home country, to live on the street. We Are Here is fighting for 24-hour shelter and a permanent solution.

The European Committee for Social Rights acknowledged the need for shelter and the rights of refugees: the Dutch government has to offer them shelter, regardless of their status. Unfortunately, reality shows us that these words have not yet been translated into deeds. In a lot of districts only night shelter is being offered at the moment. That means refugees still have to roam the streets during the day, without any money and with the risk of being arrested and put in a detention center. For those who are suffering a trauma caused by war or (physical) abuse, this uncertain situation is disastrous.

The Dutch government ignores the rights of refugees, thus trying to prevent more refugees from coming. But the people from We Are Here are actually here and can’t go home. They are not to be used as a tool for political pressure, they are to be treated as human beings. They have the right to get decent housing: dignified shelter and professional guidance. Not 12, but 24 hours. 24/7.

Therefore, join us in our protest and show your solidarity on Saturday the 7th of February. Together we can accomplish it: adequate shelter is day and night shelter! The demonstration will start at 14.00 hrs. at the Smaragdgroup, Nieuwe Kerkstraat 159, a shelter of the Lutheran Parish of Amsterdam and we will walk together to the Museumplein. At 15.oo hrs. the program will start, with an impressive line-up of speakers and musicians. One of the speakers is Yusuf, volunteer at the Wereldhuis. Show your support and join the demonstration!

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About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for refugees out of procedure / undocumented migrants