UMDW Organization


United Migrant Domestic Workers was founded in 2006, already 9 years ago. Our group is the first Philippine Organization which came to the Worldhouse. According to the policy to be on this organization you need to be a member contributing with 100€ for year.

The UMDW organization is affiliated with the International Federation of Trade Unions, FNV Bondgenoten Organization and DFD Board Organization. All our members are undocumented and we have a fight: to enter on the legal perspective. We know human rights and labour rights so we are fighting to help as much as possible undocumented people, especially Philippines Workers.

Our goal is continue creating a lot of connexions and networks with helpers and social organizations

The last weekend of each month we have a meeting with the officers and once a year an ensemble meeting with all members in which we discuss relevant topics concerning to the members and we spread new essential information.

How we contribute
Being a member of our organization you will have a huge financial support. For instance, if you get sick you will received 30€ day with a maximum of 5 days. Moreover, if you are pregnant you can get 250€ as support plus 100€ for the baby after the birth.

Being part of our organization there are also included: Dutch lessona and computer classes through the help of The Worldhouse.

We believe that with the help of Trade Union we persecute our issue together. In fact, every month we have the officers committed meeting and then we explain what is the process to develop for the coming period of time and the new information for new members. Therefore, we would like to continue with our entire task organising more workshop and events.

The Wereldhuis
The Worldhouse allow us to have a space to debate in regular meetings and educate ourselves with language and computer lessons. For that reasons we believe The Worldhouse is a good place to develop all our ideas and challenges.

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