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All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Eleanor Roosevelt

‘Help where there is no helper’
The world house aims to offer continuity to people who are caught in a unstable environment. We do this by advising migrants on their situation, by organizing small-scaled activities and by providing support to undocumented migrants.

You too can support our projects in different ways, by helping us in the following ways:

Become ‘friend of the wereldhuis’
Support the world home and get our friend! That way we will keep you informed of our activities and the latest news from the Wereldhuis. You also receive two-monthly newsletter with information and personal stories of visitors and volunteers. email us for more information!

Give a donation
You can also once financially support the world house by donating on-line here. Or make a donation to account number NL49INGB0000097593, Protestantse Diaconie Amsterdam, add ‘wereldhuis’ as a specification.

Donate things
For our activities we are always looking for materials or useful things. This varies from books to clothing, from bicycles to computers. Check this list, on what is currently needed!

Support an activity financially
The Wereldhuis has a special program where you can support one of our activities. This may be individually, or together with your church or association. For more information about our adoption program, contact us. You can support individuals and / or our collective initiatives, such as the cook book by the Wereldhuis visitors.

Become a volunteer
For our activities, we are always looking for volunteers, contact us for more information.

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