Spoken Word workshop by Tanti Noor Said

Tanti Noor Said is an independent researcher, poet and writer. Her educational background is Cultural Anthropology and she has written many articles on LGBT rights and migration. Tanti has a great passion for poetry, as an unique form of activism. She believes that everyone is the poet of their own life stories, feelings and thoughts; whether you write it down or keep it inside your soul. A poem is a venue where a person is able to address the protest, the disappointment and the anger towards those who seem to be more powerful. She believes in the power of speaking out and spoke out herself, at a demonstration of  ‘We Are Here’.

Tanti will give 3 workshops in April. The ‘Spoken Word’ workshops will take place on 3, 10 and 17 april. It will result in a publication and will be presented at the Vrijheidsmaaltijd, 5 May 2015.
The Wereldhuis and Tanti are looking forward to the outcome. Read more about Tanti on her blog


About wereldhuis

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