´Social Justice and Human Rights´

The World house is connected to PICUM, the platform for international cooperation on Undocumented Migrants. 

Through the equality and diversity, the Worldhouse struggles together with different organizations as part of a network which main aim is achieve the principles of equality, social justice, dignified and respect at global level; without any deprivation of liberty.

Searching for a consensus among organizations that are working collaboratively for the whole realization of the global human rights, the Worldhouse provide concrete recommendations for changes, in cooperation with the participants of PICUM, settling definitive alternatives based on the best interests of undocumented migrants. 

As an example of that the Worldhouse is developing a project for the support of mental health and well-being of undocumented children and families, ´Kind von de Kekening´, and monthly trainings around the management of the feelings and the self-esteem.

The evaluation of the impacts (positives or negatives) that the migrant decisions of each country are affecting on undocumented migrants is one of the basic issues that the Worldhouse wants to analyze.

Consequently, in order to defend the equality ending up with the discrimination, the Worldhouse collaborate actively with platforms as PICUM to support and guaranteed the human rights regardless of the migration status.

For further information about the projects that the Worldhouse is developing check our calendar.


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