SLAUF Organization

Sierra Leone Amsterdam United Federation (SLAUF) is a foundation that aims to create a network of help for Sierra Leonean people living in Holland. It brings people together and helps them for general issues such as the organisation of funeral ceremonies and the birth of children, but also provides direct help by informing people in difficult situations about their rights.

We try to help in any sort of situation either by providing financial or moral support.

Our main goal is to provide financial and moral support to people of Sierra Leon in their lives and projects.  As a result, every first Sunday of the month we gather to assist each other; anybody is free to join.

Our projects
Provide financial support to the Sierra Leonean community. We also want to help Ebola victims and orphans by creating schools for these children. Another way we would want to support these victims is by providing clothes and/or money to them.

The Wereldhuis
The Worldhouse is a peaceful place. Het Wereldhuis allows people to do their task and projects in a good way. We have been developing our meetings for the past year in the Worldhouse, and this place offers us a lot of facilities.  Meetings and parties are organised by the Worldhouse and they help us to develop all our ideas without any border.

For further information about SLAUF Organization come to the Worldhouse and ask for Izzy.