Shewbread Organization


The Shewbread community is an organization aiming to help refugees and undocumented migrants develop tools and entrepreneurial skills in order to live an independent and productive life. One of our goal is to transform people’s mentality into a more positive one, so that they do not give up hope and stay positive with the purpose of changing their fate.

Our community organizes sessions of discussions and trainings to improve “hard” and “soft” skills in order to help them become leaders and entrepreneurs. In these meetings different business and character contexts are discussed and problems are solved.Goa

The organization aims to stay positive, claiming that there is always something that people can do, everyone can always create something.

Shewbread Organization try to remind people that life is a constant journey and that they are in control of their own lives and what happens in them; everybody can remove the fear and negative mentality from their lives.

In other words, the Shewbread Community aims to motivate people to exploit their potential and talents by following the development process of each person.

The main aim of the community is connect with the people, open their minds and educate them in order to develop their personal skills.  A major focus is centred on removing fear and stress as well as empowering them.

The idea is not only to help people find jobs that will help them earning money, but being also more socially involved in the society. Therefore, as a result the organisation tries to teach people how to make contacts and become a business person.

The organisation also tries to prepare people for all sorts of situations so that they are entirely independent and not shaken every time when something goes wrong.  Our projects are most often centred on education and skill building, not only with the aim to find a job but also in order to feel integrated in the Dutch society and to feel at home in this new country.

People who desire to improve their entrepreneurial skills and interpersonal skills, leading their own business should join our community. Members can expect coaching, trainings, weekly meetings and workshops. In return we expect that members will be committed to improving themselves. We make people know their full potential. We empower people and give them options in their lives. Thinking on the future, we want to continue inviting people to give powerful workshops and we would like to give future diplomas and certifications.

Therefore, we are making advertisements to show people that we are open to the world and for that reason we invite each time people to join us.  We want to continue spreading the team.


IMG_3826We teach from the mental freedom. Our educational program is developed in two parts each during one hour long with approximately 15/20 people. The first part focuses on the character and personal characteristics (teaching people how to be presentable, for example). The second part is focused on more specific issues that people would like to know about.

We have workshops with NGO’s and we act as a pilot to give an overview of general knowledge and concrete information about how to create business financial for instance.

The Worldhouse is a place that makes it possible for our community to have an address where to develop our projects and meet good people.

‘There is nothing on this world more incredible than human mind. It doesn’t mind if you don’t have papers. You can always create something’



For further information about Shewbread Organization you can follow our workshops as well by Facebook or our Meet Up group in which people can register and see our full program.