Recht in zicht

Dorenda Fokker has initiated the project Recht in zicht (Right in sight) to improve the support for undocumented persons who have been victims of human trafficking. A significant number of women (and one man) who come to the Wereldhuis have been exploited in the sex industry as well as other fields, such as the hospitality and domestic work sector. There they were forced to worked under unacceptable conditions, work overtime and receive little or no payment. Being undocumented thereby rendered them even more vulnerable.

Since april 2015 ‘Recht in Zicht’ is part of the Salvation Army.

The Wereldhuis has initiated the project ‘Recht in Zicht’ to support victims of human trafficking during this difficult procedure. Since 2015 it is a project at the Salvation Army. Volunteers with a professional background in law are teamed up with clients to support her/him in a variety of ways: answer questions about the procedure itself, explain and translate letters from the court, accompany client to institutional visits (i.e. the embassy or IND), create a ‘veiligheidsdossier’, and apply for support via the Violent Offences Compensation Fund (Schadefonds Geweldmisdrijven).

Volunteers offer moral support for the clients, but also more knowledge about the legal procedure and therefore more control over their situation. By being fully aware and knowledgeable about the procedure, clients can also play a more active role, for instance when compiling their personal dossier. This in turn can render them more self-assured and less powerless.

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