Monthly training in November: How to identify and express your feelings

download‘Feelings are never right or wrong. They simply exist. The perception and judgment can be wrong or right, valid or invalid but feelings are simply there. Once you learn how to express them, you will feel better. We are all entitled to have feelings. All human beings experience emotions.’ Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, by Edmund J. Bourne, New Harbinger Publication, 2005.

On 27th November at Women’s Day the Worldhouse had an appointment with the psychologist to debate about the management of the stress and the identification of the feelings.

It is known that feelings are an important aspect of our lives but recognizing these negative feelings is a difficult task. Therefore it is very important to learn how to identify this to reduce the symptoms and be able to express our needs, respecting the dignity of others.

Deep breathing and meditation techniques are taught at the Worldhouse training. The Emotional Freedom Therapy is also developed with a lot of exercises which you can do daily, with the goal of express it assertively, with openness and willingness.

The monthly training can help you to pay attention to your emotions and identify the needs behind your feelings.

Hearing the opinion of all participants, the Worldhouse will organize trainings with a professional team, to provide advices about how to handle emotions. How to recognize them and how to relax yourself when you are stressed, as an example of the topics.

At the training, each person shares their common experiences and gives a good example as a way to solve difficult situations on similar situations.

‘When I come to the Worldhouse I put my stress out. I am happy. Here I can talk. Here is your house. It is a family. I really like the place’

When I come here, for me it is better to stress my feelings with a close friend”.  The Worldhouse encourage me to keep going. It gives me a very positive influence’

If you want to participate in the next monthly training, check our calendar and get involved on it!

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