Kerk in Actie & het Wereldhuis

Meeting people of Kerk in Actie, Monday morning!
KerkinActieWelcoming our friends of Kerk in Actie, listening to the poem in Swahili by Alee. Discussing the difficulties that people without papers are confronted with every day. The life of migrants without papers, working in households, stateless people, refugees out of procedure. Strong people, fighting for their position and their rights. Meeting at the Wereldhuis, for advice, food, courses and discussion.
Fondra, – member of IMWU, the Indonesian Migrant Worker Union – telling about how important it is to learn Dutch, this gives better work opportunities. Yusuf – rejected asylum seeker and captain of We Are Here FC – telling about the empowering role of sports, how it makes you feel better, mentally and physically. Cor Ofman, counselor, telling about his work and the fact that the Wereldhuis mediated for 30 people a residence permit, this year. Another fact of the Wereldhuis: About 300 per week visit the Wereldhuis for courses and counseling.

By dialogue we can create more understanding. Kerk in Actie, thank you for supporting the undocumented and the refugees out of procedure, here in the Wereldhuis, Amsterdam.


About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for refugees out of procedure / undocumented migrants