IMWU Organization

INWU docx
The Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) is a self-established organisation by and for the Indonesian Migrant Workers in the Netherlands based on solidarity to each other.

Firstly, we contact people interested to join our organization and then they can collaborate in all of our tasks. For instance, we develop trainings focused on developing some tools teaching people to survive in Holland but also other trainings based on the idea of building a future in their country of origin or helping people with-without documents.

IMWU NL is aimed at promoting the labour rights for all workers, particularly for Indonesian workers in the Netherlands.

We are determined to eliminate human trafficking, jobs trade, abuses and various forms of Human Rights violations and discriminations against all workers, particularly the Indonesian workers in the Netherlands.

Everybody is welcome. We provide information about how to go to the hospital and the police, we also help people to be ready and prepare to react to difficult situations, for example.

Helping people to survive and maintain stability in the Netherlands is being done together with a financial support.
Financial support is also very important for us. For this reason, we create some networks with other organizations and we connect people with them, fighting for the best help to be done.
We have a regular training about important questions concerning lifestyle in Holland.

Moreover, we are connected with other organizations, which help us working with updated information, such as Bridge to Better organization, which teaches people how to survive in their country of origin or Dokters van de Wereld, which provides healthcare information.

Thinking on the future, we are looking forward to developing new events and trainings with other organizations, as well as to have new meetings on financial support by teaching to people how to earn and save money. We want to develop new trainings with the embassy about providing passports for people without documents.

The Wereldhuis

The Worldhouse is a second home for me and for IMWU. Het Wereldhuis helps me with new education and culture every day. We are so thankful to the Worldhouse because it is a place that allows us to build all projects of the IMWU organization. From the beginning it has been a support organization and a place of meeting and connection with the people. For further information about IMWU Organization check on the next links: or twitter: @IMWUNetherlands