IMWU Documentary: Dispereert Niet

On Friday 20 March the first screening of the documentary “Dispereert Niet” Saf(v)e Migration will take place. It is a documentary by the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) about the life, work and struggle of Indonesian undocumented migrants in the Netherlands. IMWU is one of the self organisations at the Wereldhuis. So let’s show our support and be there!
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Date: Friday 20 March. Location: Vrijplaats, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden. Time: 17.00 – 21.00.

17.00: Dinner and opportunity to seen photo expo
19.00: Opening Words by IMWU, Doorbraak and Irwan Ahmett
19.15: Screening Documentary
20.15: Discussion

Click the links for more information on IMWU and Doorbraak.
The project is supported by Mama Cash, Garuda Indonesia, GKIN, Indonesian Embassy, IMWU.


About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for refugees out of procedure / undocumented migrants