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We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.

Malcolm X

The first thing we do when we welcome new people into the Worldhouse is have an intake with them. This intake is like an interview in which we try to find out how we can help you best. Some people just come for food, others prefer to have a counseling talk or a referral to medical or legal institutions. We also ask what talents you have or activities you would like to participate in. All the information you share with us will be treated confidentially.

We have two social workers that you can talk to privately. You can explain the problems you are facing and next to being a listening ear, these counselors will try to help you practically by referring you to a lawyer, a medical organisation etc. It is necessary to make an appointment with any of them. Be aware that there are sometimes waiting lists. In case of urgent problems, feel free to contact any of the Worldhouse personnel.

We try to activate people by offering them a daily meal, a chance to meet soulmates and also to participate in activities. This could strengthen you and distract you from your problems.

We do not provide nightcare. To get this, you will have to get in touch with other organisations like ASKV, The Salvation Army or the Vreemdelingenloket.(hyperlinks)

Second-hand clothes
We have 3 boxes with male, female and children’s clothes. If you wish to take any, contact one of our volunteers to help you find what you need.

We try to help people in finding back their inner strength and talents. The Worldhouse is a place where you can build a strong social network. We also support the formation of self-organizations.

Many migrants try to strengthen their position by joining a self-organized group. Some grassroot organizations, like IMWU (Indonesian Migrant Workers Union) meet up at the Worldhouse weekly. They organize trainings and social gatherings. For more information on this, contact us via: info@wereldhuis.org

On working days buddies are available at the Worldhouse to help you out. If you need advice or assistance with writing/translating letters, contacting organizations or practical issues, they can help you. Buddies can also help you when you have to visit the IND, a lawyer or a health service. If you would like to meet with a buddy, feel free to ask any of our volunteers to help you get one and make an appointment.

Op werkdagen zijn er buddies beschikbaar in het Wereldhuis om je te helpen. Dat kan bijvoorbeeld zijn bij het schrijven of vertalen van brieven, het contacteren van organisaties of andere praktische zaken. Buddies kunnen je ook vergezellen als je bijvoorbeeld een bezoek moet brengen aan de IND, een advocaat of een medische dienst. Als je een buddy zo willen ontmoeten, voel je dan vrij een van onze vrijwilligers aan te schieten. Zij kunnen je helpen er een te krijgen en een afspraak te maken.

Here at the Wereldhuis anyone who is interested can work as a volunteer, in all activities, because it’s a Free Home. Check our Empowerment pages for an overview of the activities.

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