Grassroots network

Labor migrants can strengthen their position when they unite with others in a self-organization. Every week, about five different domestic workers associations have their meetings at the Wereldhuis where they also organize trainings and events. Check the website for the latest news or contact one of the organization below.

The grassroots networks at the Wereldhuis:

The Alliance of Human Rights for the Undocumented is an Umbrella of grassroots organizations in the Wereldhuis. More info at
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IMWU is a self-organization, established by and for the Indonesian Migrant Workers in the Netherlands.
We aim to promote the labour rights for all workers particularly Indonesian, both documented and undocumented, in the Netherlands.
We determine to eliminate human trafficking, jobs trade, abuses and various forms of rights violation
and discrimination against all workers particularly the Indonesian workers in the Netherlands.
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contact number: +31685006458
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IMWU Amsterdam
P/o het Wereldhuis `
Nieuwe Herengracht 20
1018 DP Amsterdam

The UMDW was formed in Amsterdam on June 15, 2006 by a group of Filipino migrant workers. Trainings and workshops were then conducted for organizing and campaign management with the help of Stg. Sumpay. It is now strongly supported and assisted by the Stg, Habagat, Stg. Bisdak , Stg. Damayan and The Worlhouse/Diaconie. UMDW is working on recognition of domestic work and supports the campaign for regularization. This is why they joined the Trade Union (Abvakabo/FNV) which recognizes all the migrant domestic workers in private households as workers. UMDW is now a member of FNV Bondgenoten.

We envision a world where the basic rights of the migrant domestic workers as a worker is respected and recognized by the people and states, where every migrant domestic worker live in contentment with the people we love, without fear and lives in democracy, decency and dignity.

The organization works to unite the migrant workers in the Netherlands, collectively assert the basic human rights of migrant workers as human and as worker, with unified efforts in campaigning for regularization, vigilant in the issues confronting the migrant workers and actively sharing the information to co-workers, determined to attain the goals of the organization.

For more information, please contact our core officers:
Henry Almazan
mobile 06-14362263

Jayson Sagun
mobile 06-84640597

Otra Dela
Organisation for Spanish speaking ‘domestic workers’ without a permit.
P/o Nieuwe Herengracht 20
1018 DP Amsterdam
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