Faces of the World: Principles and Beliefs

principlesThe discussion group ‘Faces of the World’ will present this evening the issue: Principles and Beliefs.

During the meeting, all members of the group will define together what principles and beliefs are and which beliefs are guiding decisions based on our personal beliefs and the value system that defines our lifes.

Consequently, ‘Faces of the World’ will continue with the understanding of differencies between principles, values and virtues adding as well the meaning of principles and beliefs for human being.

To define principles in personal and global context, we will perceive them beliefs concerning morally correct behaviour and attitudes.

Come this evening at 18:00 hrs and discuss with the group being conscious of your principles and beliefs.

Bring your personal code of ethics and share your personal convictions. Afterwards we will have a dinner all together!

Het Wereldhuis


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Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants