Diaconal counseling

 “The Worldhouse is not a shelter but we support you, and you are welcome.”

The Wereldhuis has no shelter facilities. However, we can provide information about your rights and about the possibilities for financial support from various emergency funds.

We have expertise in guiding undocumented migrant workers, victims of human trafficking or a failed family migration from outside Europe. Rejected asylum seekers can also consultate a lawyer, but please make an appointment during our Open House hours. For Europeans, we refer to our partner organizations.

Special counseling
Any person that ends up in an emergency situation can contact our counselors, to be listened to, to have advice and / or mediation. One of our counselors is Cor Ofman, read more about him on his blog.

Every week there is a lawyer that offers free legal advice. Doctors of the World advise every Friday Morning on the access to medical care.

For questions to the lawyer, you can make an appointment – personally – during the Open House afternoons. For Doctors of the World / Dokters van de Wereld: Come by and register Friday morning between 10.00 and 11.30 a.m., the first person will have the first consult with the medical mediators, and so on.

Make an appointment during our Open House hours