Become a friend

Anyone who cares about the visitors of the Worldhouse, can be our friend!

As a friend:
• you are involved in undocumented migrants
• you can discuss with us about global migration in Amsterdam
• you will be invited for special events, parties and symposia

How to become a friend?

Becoming our friend is easy:
• send an e-mail to or
• print this pdf and send it to:

Protestant Diaconie Amsterdam
Antwoordnummer 11507
1000 RA Amsterdam

As a friend you can support the Wereldhuis with at least € 15 per year.

Become a Friend of the Wereldhuis: You can make the difference!

Sign up as a friend and support the Worldhouse!
For the Wereldhuis – and it’s activities – is all made possible by the support of friends and donors. Together we support and help undocumented refugees and migrants. They are “Can Do People”; They have few rights but seek new perspectives. They need your support! You can help the Worldhouse by becoming our friend, by supporting us with at least € 15 per year. Write us an email and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

“Two friends are better than one, because – that’s for sure – hard work together pays off. When two friends are together and one of them falls, the other helps him rise again. And a triple string will get very difficult stretch. “
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12