BBB support by the Ark Church

Looking for a nice place to go on Sunday 7 February? The Ark Church welcomes you! We start at ten with a Dutch celebration with singing/ sermon/prayer.

From Twelve o’clock you are welcome to chill, have lunch, play tabletennis and watch a movie. We also have socks and underwear to give away. Adress: van Ollefenstraat 9, behind Sierplein. Or come to Albert Heijn at Trainstation Lelylaan at 11.45 and Lisa will walk you to the church. Hope to meet a lot of people so we can do this more often!

For people in the Bed, Bath, Bread location, you are welcome!

About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for refugees out of procedure / undocumented migrants