Are you confronted with human trafficking?

Wednesday 19th of February, 17.30. Training by Dorenda Fokker, Recht in zicht. Even if you are working without a permit you have some rights. There are laws to protect you from exploitation at work. Victims of trafficking can get protection. ‘Recht in zicht’, a new project in the worldhouse, helps victims of trafficking with their legal issues. If you are asking yourself what is meant by trafficking, how you could prevent yourself to be trafficked and what the conditions are to get in a protection program or getting help from Recht in zicht’ then come to the training and ask all your questions freely! Every 3rd Wednesday of the month there is a training about the rights of the undocumented. It starts at 17.30 and it ends with a dinner at 19.00. The training is free of charge and is held in English and Dutch. 

About wereldhuis

Het wereldhuis is a center for information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented migrants