African Migrants Collective

asdsdfThe African Migrant Collective (AMC) is a social organization founded in 2014, to let African and worldwide communities see what is happening in The Netherlands with regards to migration issues.

As our logo states, we are a collective for all African Migrants in Amsterdam. Everyone who wants to join can come and participate with us in our community all together.

Our main goal is to bring awareness to the African community and combine Africans together.

Another objective is to share information with all members about what is happening to Africans in the world. AMC organization provides general and social information about the situation of African refugees and undocumented migrants.

The core of our projects revolves around education

Understanding what social movement are and how to get involved in them is very important for our community. We are specialised on social rights and movements that are struggling for global Human Rights; consequently we are giving some trainings regularly for all people interested on these topics.

What can we contribute

We, as a refugee community, provide awareness and education touching on many subjects. We are not only focusing on refugees living in the Netherlands, we are also open to everyone who would like to know the tools to integrate themselves in order to live in the Dutch society, such as for example learning the Dutch language.

Every year we have trainings in which we can learn about social movements. Thinking on the future, we want to continue with the annual trainings and challenge all societies to improve issues regarding undocumented migrants.

We want to spread our goals and share them with the whole world, inviting people to see all our work.

The Wereldhuis
The Worldhouse is our house. It is a place where we meet a lot of people and in which we get so much education. Our initiative and energy is support from the Worldhouse and personal empowerment is one fundament that we pick from Het Wereldhuis.


For further information come to the Worldhouse and ask for John.