A March for the Human Rights

EverybodMarch for refugees rightsy have the right to food and shelter, as is set down in European Committee of Social Rights and in universal treaties. The Dutch governement and the municipalities have to provide this and make this happen. A bed for the night, washing facilities, and a meal are needs that have to be covered.

The Dutch Government should offer ‘Bed, Brood, Bad’, as the European verdict says. But the Dutch don’t respond that quickly. So to draw attention to this issue and to fight for these rights, the group of refugees without papers ‘WE ARE HERE’, are organizing a “March for Refugee Rights” from 18th to 20th November, from the Stopera in Amsterdam to the Parliament in The Hague. 

They will walk welcomes each person who wants to join them, in order to make it clear to the government that they have the moral duty to offer a possibility to have a secure place to sleep, a right for a shelter. For further information of this event enter at the event on  “We are here Facebook” 

The Worldhouse supports the moral path for justice.

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