Latino America Sunday

L.A. Gente Buena stands for Latino America Gente Buena . Through our values of solidarity and humanitarian commitment we are developing international projects mainly centred around migrant help.

Our project was first started in other countries such as Spain and Cuba, the aim was to launch international projects based on cultural and personal development in cooperation with one another.

Our main goal is to help the participants achieve social integration in their new countries, mainly by capacitating them and teaching them the local language.  We aim to create a network of connected people to help them progress.


Our organisation aims to form the participants on a variety of different levels.

Firstly, we propose computer lessons to teach people how to use the technologies which are so important in the Dutch daily life. For example, we teach participants how to check the weather, to know the timetables of public transport, how to write and send a CV, send bills, pay receipts, etc… Moreover, we also teach our participants more practical knowledge such as how to use social communication through Twitter and Facebook.

Secondly, we try to help our participants find jobs by training them into practical skills such as carpentry, cleaning and maintenance, marketing, sales, and advertisement.  We teach people to promote their work.

We also organise music programs by teaching people how to sing, act, draw, and learn about cinema and theatre from various parts of South America. Within the trainings we try to improve our participants’ language skills, mainly by using Dutch, English, and Spanish in our workshops. 10007269_10203408719921021_1164889454_o LA GENTE BUENA foto para Celia

Because Latin American gastronomy is a vital component of our culture, LA Gente Buena organises a monthly meeting to ABC Horizon Burt Dive, where the members have dinner, dance, and sing together whilst being dressed in traditional Latin American clothes.

We conduct these activities in order to try to preserve Latin American culture and transmit it to our children. However, we are also interested in sharing these characteristics to the rest of society as well.

Finally, we organise movie nights where various films and documentaries are presented. During the summer event of the Worldhouse we collaborate with different music, dance and food committees to contribute to the atmosphere of the event.

Our aim is to create a community where people can untie and help to solve their social troubles together. For example, the members of LA Gente Buena help each other find jobs.


We try to fight against racism by emphasising the positive peculiarities of cultural differences, as well as promoting values of respect and solidarity.  L.A. Gente Buena tries to combat against the labels and prejudices related to migration.

1978485_10203408735041399_483282521_o LA GENTE BUENA foto para CeliaFurthermore, our organisation aims to paint a positive image of Latin American people as people of honesty and energy to transform our world into a better place. For this reason we work with an international network with members collaborating from all over the world.

In the future we would like to develop more collaborated projects in order to continue to develop the Latin American culture in the Netherlands. One idea is to invest in education projects such as art for example.

We would also like to improve the economic possibilities of our members, by, for example, helping people create small businesses in order to empower themselves.

LA Gente Buena wants to spread the knowledge that we acquire here to Latino America and contribute with the social development.

We want wish to continue approaching different language tools, collaborating into events, learning more communication skills and techniques and creating an unlimited progress.


The Worldhouse makes the transmission and divulgation of our culture possible. It is a place where we can conserve and show our cultural and family heritage.

The structure of this place allows us to deliver and think in a democratic way to develop with honesty in our very different projects.

The Worldhouse provides us with a ‘free path’ to develop our ideas and projects for free. It allows the possibility meet new people, talk  to each other and share similar experiences.

We are grateful to the Worldhouse for having presented us with an opportunity to connect with a social community.

The Worldhouse creates each week a moment to feel at home.


For further information about La Gente Buena Organization follow our workshops by Facebook and see our full program: