Wereldhuis News

Rapport over brand in detentiecentrum Rotterdam

Op woensdagavond 25 mei 2016 woedde in het vreemdelingendetentiecentrum aan de Portelabaan in Rotterdam een brand. Bij deze brand zijn gelukkig geen (dodelijke)… Read More

Leger des Heils eist vertrek eigen cliënten uit opvang. Artikel ND

Amsterdam Het Leger des Heils gaat naar de rechter om ongedocumenteerde, zieke mensen uit de opvanglocatie Daalburgh in Amsterdam te krijgen. Woensdag dient… Read More

Artikel Vrij Nederland

Mee met de psychiater voor uitgeprocedeerden: ‘Het is de beroerdste groep die ik ooit heb gezien’. Interview met psychiater Menno Braakman door Tatiana… Read More

Wij Zijn Hier is Vier

DEMONSTRATION 4 REFUGEES RIGHTS Friday September 2nd - 8 a.m. Wake Up call with breakfast. Energy! - 10 a.m. We MOVE TOGETHER with… Read More

More about us


Nieuwe Herengracht 20
1018 DP Amsterdam
Telephone: 06 22 821 472
Metro: Waterlooplein, exit Nieuwe Herengracht

What we do?

The Worldhouse is a center of information, counseling, education and culture for undocumented people and based in Amsterdam. We are here to help people with few rights; searching for new perspectives.

The Wereldhuis is a place for you to get involved!

Check ‘What can you do’ and be informed of how to collaborate in the Wereldhuis.

What can you do?

Being part of the Wereldhuis big group you will develop your own empowerment and abilities.

The Wereldhuis is the place where undocumented migrants are not dependent on others for a while. Here you can become active.

At the Wereldhuis most activities are offered by volunteers who are undocumented themselves. A strong social network makes you stronger and voluntary service can broaden your perspectives.

Come to the Wereldhuis and be part of the team!

Need help?

Everyone who is in an emergency situation or needs to be heard can contact our pastors and social workers for a personal interview. We have no shelter facilities. But we can provide information about existing rights and possibly mediate financial support by various emergency funds. We also can help you with legal advice. And for medical advice, Dokters van Wereld are present every Wednesday morning. Call 06-228 21 472 or mail us for details info@wereldhuis.org

Opening hours:
Monday: 10.00 – 18.00 open house
Tuesday: 10.00 – 18.00 open house
Wednesday: 10.00 – 18.00 open house
Thursday: 10.00 – 18.00 open house, special activities for women only
Friday: 10.00 – 18.00 open house
Saturday and Sunday: courses/workshops migrant organisations

What we say

The worldhouse is a place where I can help people and where I can get help.

Support us

Help us to help people, support us with your donation! You can make a donation to bank account number NL49INGB0000097593, Protestantse Diaconie Amsterdam, specification “Wereldhuis” or make a online donation. Thank you!